I am working with this new ticketing system called Freshdesk to keep myself better organized.

If you are reading this you have probably been invited by email to create a login so we can work together or to explore that future possibility. This note is posted here but is a very close copy of an email I sent to you via regular old email. I just wanted to keep this message somewhere you can find it again in case you ever need to review it.

If you have been invited to create a login—please—create a login. It is the only way this ticketing system will work. I also encourage you to use a strong password.

A B O U T   N E W   T A S K   R E Q U E S T S: ==========

You can create new task requests for me by clicking the link in this portal: New support ticket OR send an email to me at (just like always). You have the option to either create the ticket yourself or send a new request to me I will create a system ticket for you.

If I create it for you, my reply will arrive to your inbox as a ticket from

You can add your responses to the ticketing thread by simply using your email reply feature to the ticket sent to you. CAUTION: If you send a new email directly to I will probably NEVER see it.

So please remember, replies to are goodnew emails to are not.

A B O U T   T A S K   R E Q U E S T S   I N   P R O G R E S S: ==========

URL:  <all tickets live and are managed from here
You can view existing tickets by clicking: Check ticket status
But you will must create a login to view your open tickets.

IN   G E N E R A L: ==========

Do you HAVE to login in order to use this system? No.

The choice is up to you to login and review our tickets or to reply to each ticket via your email. But please know I’m adopting this system out of a desire to serve your needs more effectively. I also hope that you will not be bogged down with a big learning curve for this system.

The upside is that each ticket will keep a running history of each project and task requested and available to us both. So even if we pause the task for a bit—all information will be kept in a task thread ready to pick up where we left off.

Please keep in mind: When I accomplish a task and send a reply asking you to review it, I’m hoping to either get more input or an approval so I can close the ticket. Closed tickets are goooood.

So please bookmark the system URL — and you are all set!